Conference of Childhood, Education & Society

Welcome to the ConferenceCES 2024

27-29 June 2024, Istanbul Kültür University, Istanbul, Türkiye

Cha(lle)nging Childhoods: Reimagine Childhood in Uncertainty and Inequality

Following thorough deliberation and extensive discussions, the organizing committee of the Conference of Childhood, Education & Society (ConferenceCES) has officially announced the overarching theme for the event as "Challenging and Changing Childhoods: Reimagine Childhood in Uncertainty and Inequality." We cordially invite you to join us in Istanbul, Türkiye, where we aspire to cultivate an environment of scholarly enthusiasm, facilitating vibrant scientific discussions and promoting an exchange of ideas that delve into the multifaceted dimensions of childhood. Together, let us explore the evolving landscape of childhood and advance our collective understanding in pursuit of optimal child development and well-being.

Many discussions regarding the definition of childhood within the sociological, psychological, and pedagogical perspectives, the aim of ConferenceCES is to provide a platform to understand multiple childhoods based on a changing political climate as well. Childhood encompasses the social construction of roles and expectations, psychological development and identity building, and the acquisition of knowledge and skills in pedagogical contexts. Understanding childhood through these perspectives helps us appreciate the complex interaction of sociological, psychological, and pedagogical factors that shape children's experiences and development. However, in particular, the challenges and changes encountered in economics, politics, climate change, pandemics and so on lead to uncertainty in the image of childhood and so we need to rethink childhood with its changing position. The proposals should center their attention on children within the age range spanning from birth through 18 years for research-based papers rooted in sociological, developmental and psychological studies. For pedagogical papers, the emphasis should be on the early childhood period.

Amidst the extensive body of existing research on childhood, it is important to revisit and reassess the notions of childhoods in light of the ever-evolving societal changes and the emerging challenges faced by children, their families, and communities. Recognizing the significance of this endeavor, we are delighted to announce that "Childhood in the Context of Changes and Challenges" will serve as the central theme for the 2024 ConferenceCES. 

Key Questions:
  • How might research and practice support children’s resilience and empowerment in the global context and in uncertain times?
  • How might research and practice lead to inclusive and democratic communities for children and their families in the social/environmental justice, responsibility, diversity, and sustainability context?
  • How can research and practice challenge and reimagine global childhoods for sustainable development in the context of unequal communities?
Conference Strands:
  • Politics of childhood 
  • Supporting families 
  • Family pedagogy and parenting
  • Early childhood teachers’ professional development 
  • Ethics and ethical studies in early childhood education
  • Technology use in early childhood education
  • Paradigms, theories and methodologies in research
  • Development, learning, play, and curricula in childhood 
  • Science and Mathematics in early childhood education
  • Community services for children and their families
  • Sustainable development in early childhood education
  • Inclusiveness and democracy in childhood
  • Social/environmental justice in childhood
  • Diversity in early childhood
  • Children’s resilience and empowerment 
  • Children’s rights
  • Reconceptualization of childhoods for equal societies

We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul “the mother of all cities” on June 27-29, 2024.


Dr Mehmet Toran & Dr Mine Göl-Güven (Co-Chairs)

On behalf of the ConferenceCES Organizing Committee